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Amazon Prime Video Content Availability - Israel vs. USA

 I was asked to compare the Amazon Prime Video content between the United States and Israel. Due to licensing and geo-location issues, many shows and movies are not available outside of the US. But from the other side, you can get different content in Israel. Either way, you'll get most of Amazon Original Shows and Movies (in israel... not all are available).

The first picture is what I get on the Israeli Feed. Note that many of the options are Amazon Originals. Anything without the Prime badge usually isn't free. So there is an option called "Free to Me". 

Prime Video Content in Israel

And here is  what I see on the US feed. Note that movies and TV shows tend to come and go. 

Prime Video Content in the USA

These aren't conclusive lists of the available content, but rather a sneak peak. I can tell you that there is a boatload of content only available if you are in the US that you can't find on other streaming services. Also note that there are shows through IMDB TV (owned by Amazon) that you can watch for free with ads. This is not available through their Israeli website. 

While in Israel (or even the US), you can sign up for Prime Video without paying the full Prime Subscription price. You won't get the 2 day shipping (for free) in the US... but for the most part that shouldn't matter if you live abroad. You also will miss out on Audible, Prime Music, Kindle Unlimited, and some other benefits that you'd normally get. But at least, you'll be paying a discounted rate. 

Free Trial of Amazon Prime for 30-Days 

Prime Video Channels Free Trial

You can cancel your prime subscription here (in one easy click) . Also note that Amazon Prime in the UK is a totally different subscription fee.

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  1. Do you know why this is the case? It seems tantamount to sensorship. Anyone around the world should be able to buy whatever movie or tv show they want.

    1. It's weird. I'd bring it up on the facebook group -


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