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Chase Offers, Get 20% off Kindle Unlimited Subscription and 20% off of your Kindle Books

Kindle eReader sitting on top of several books
Photo taken by Avi Parshan

Last time we posted about chase offers, there was an opportunity to make $4.01 dollars when buying a 3 or 4 month subscription to Amazon Music. This time, chase got a bit smarter, but the deals are still well worth it if you read a lot of eBooks anyways. 

If you don't have a Chase account, you can sign up for one

With that being said, you need to go into your chase offers, and add these two offers: 

Kindle Unlimited Trial - 20% Back

Kindle Books - 20% Back

You need to add the offers to your profile, simply by hitting the blue plus button. This should be done before you start the free trial or purchase a kindle book. You should sign up or buy a book through our links above. 

Kindle Unlimited - 20% Off

Kindle - 20% back

Afterwards, you can start your Kindle Unlimited Trial and/or buy a Kindle Book. These offers are only enabled for a limited period of time. Please read the Chase terms and conditions. And also note that it usually takes a week to credit your account. And let us know if you have any further questions. 

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