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Buy 3, Save $5 on Hanes Products (T-Shirts, Undershirts, Socks, Underwear)

  I just stumbled upon this huge deal. Save $5 when you buy 3 products within this promotion. Many (if not most) of the products actually ship to Israel with a reasonable fee. When you order multiple items, the shipping fee may even remain the same price. If you are lucky, it can even drop in price.  Somehow, some Pediasure products made their way into the deal. The ones I checked out were kosher and some even ship to Israel...  And, like always here are some sample products included in the Hanes deal:  Hanes Big Boys' Crew (Pack of 5) Hanes Boys' Classics Ankle Socks (Pack of 12) Hanes Women's Ultimate Lightweight Vent Crew Sock 6-Pack Hanes Men's Comfortsoft Boxer with ComfortFlex Waistbands Hanes Men's 5-Pack Tartan Boxer with Inside Exposed Waistband