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Get $4 back from Chase and Amazon just for signing up to Prime Music

  @amjewish make a quick buck on amazon stay tuned for part 2 #ch #ase #a m #azon #d a #nsdeals #a m #azondeals #v i #ral ♬ original sound - Hearsie Berg @amjewish part 2 of the amazon prime music deal ##amazondeals ##amazon ##fyp ##viral ##prime ♬ original sound - Hearsie Berg Unfortunately, this deal no longer works , but we have a new one -   You need to be a new user of Amazon Prime Music and have a Chase account. Follow the video to see how to get it. We also have it in a post on our Facebook group .  Here is the $0.99 trial of Amazon Prime Music (cancel after the first month if you don't want to be re-charged). And this offer will expire shortly, so try to do it as soon as possible. Note that you may get a 3 month trial instead of 4 months (this is out of our control).  Please share with friends if it works for you ;)  And join us on social media too