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Chase Offers, Get 20% off Kindle Unlimited Subscription and 20% off of your Kindle Books

Photo taken by Avi Parshan Last time we posted about chase offers, there was an opportunity to make $4.01 dollars when buying a 3 or 4 month subscription to Amazon Music. This time, chase got a bit smarter, but the deals are still well worth it if you read a lot of eBooks anyways.  If you don't have a Chase account, you can sign up for one .  With that being said, you need to go into your chase offers, and add these two offers:  Kindle Unlimited Trial - 20% Back Kindle Books - 20% Back You need to add the offers to your profile, simply by hitting the blue plus button. This should be done before you start the free trial or purchase a kindle book. You should sign up or buy a book through our links above.  Afterwards, you can start your Kindle Unlimited Trial and/or buy a Kindle Book. These offers are only enabled for a limited period of time. Please read the Chase terms and conditions. And also note that it usually takes a week to credit your account. And let us know if you have any