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Sunfrost informed the public that they found a mouse in their frozen green beans סנפרוסט מבקשת לעדכן את ציבור הצרכנים כי עקב הימצאות גוף זר (עכבר) שהתגלה בשקית בודדת של שעועית ירוקה עדינה שלמה מוקפאת

Edit: updated article here

About a month ago, a dead mouse’s head was found in a frozen product of the same brand

A piece of a snake was found inside a bag of Sunfrost frozen green beans in Israel, but despite consumer complaints, no recall was announced, according to Hebrew media.

לפני כחודש נמצא ראש עכבר מת במוצר קפוא של אותו מותג

חתיכת נחש נמצאה בתוך שקית של שעועית ירוקה קפואה של סנפרוסט בישראל, אך למרות תלונות הצרכנים, לא דווח על ריקול, לפי כלי תקשורת בעברית.

Sunfrost green beans

Customers who purchased the product will be able to contact the company's hotline: 1-800-282-844 starting today, and receive a credit voucher.

In light of the latest incident, the company decided to stop shipping all the bean products that are still on their premises, and to check all the packaging in the coming week. At the same time, the company is examining the existing control processes in the bean line at the factory, which include sorting and electronic control as well as manual sorting and control processes. In addition, Sunfrost will bring an expert from abroad in the field of quality assurance, who will assist with the examination process.

These are the products affected by the (snake) recall:

Cut green beans 800 grams, rabbinate kosher, Shmitta (Kedusha Shviit), Barcode 729000012104720.

Best to use before: 01.02.25

Best to use before: 01.11.25

 סנפרוסט מבקשת לעדכן את ציבור הצרכנים כי עקב הימצאות גוף זר (עכבר) שהתגלה בשקית בודדת של שעועית ירוקה עדינה שלמה מוקפאת בכשרות בד"צ העדה החרדית ובד"צ בית יוסף ,יתבצע איסוף יזום של המוצרים 
סנפרוסט בטלפון 1-800-282844 לצורך קבלת שוברי זיכוי

Sunfrost would like to inform the public that due to the presence of a foreign body (mouse) that was discovered in a single bag of frozen whole thin green beans (badatz kosher), there will be a proactive recall of the products. 

Call Sunfrost (Tnuva) to get a voucher: 1-800-282844

These are the products affected by the (mouse) recall:

Frozen whole delicate/thin green beans (600 grams)

Under the Badatz Beit Yosef Kashrut 

Barcode 7290000104836

best to use before 07.03.2024 from : 10:59 to 11:36

best to use before 10.03.2024 from : 08:42 until 09:16

best to use before 11.03.2024 From : 01:53 until 02:38

best to use before 10.04.2024 from : 17:38 until 18:09

best to use before 07.08.2024 from : 19:38 to 20:05

best to use before 28.11.2024 from : 17:26 until 18:05

Frozen whole delicate/thin green beans (600 grams)

Under both Badatz Beit Yosef and Eidah Charedit Kashrut Certifications

Barcode 7290000100975

best to use before 15.06.2024 from : 18:17 until 18:46

best to use before 06.09.2024 From : 06:44 until 08:48

best to use before 06.09.2024 from : 17:44 until 18:11

best to use before 27.11.2024 from : 16:31 until 16:53

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