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Kosher Food Thread - Imported from the US to your door in Israel

Edit: Please see our updated post   with new items shipping free Food from unsplash Here is all the kosher food that I found on Amazon that ships to Israel within the eligible promotion (Select items, free shipping on orders of $49+). If there are coupons, clip them to get savings. And some can be used with Subscribe and Save (S&S), for even more savings. Kosher food is sometimes hard to get in most parts of the world, let alone getting a popular snack from England, Australia, United States, etc. that is acceptable is a challenge... So we enjoy anything we can get our hands on from back in Michigan...  NEW Find  - Wilton Sprinkle Assortment CRC - NEW Find  - Belgian Boys Cookie Butter Cookies Triangle K NEW Find - Gluten-Free Shortbread OU-D NEW Find - Luden's Wild Berry Cough Drops OU-D NEW Find - Luden's Watermelon Throat Drops OU-D  https://am