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Winter and rain - what to wear and buy (in Israel or abroad)

Credit: Avi Parshan - Calm Before the Storm - in Caesarea  Winter and rain - what to wear and buy (in Israel or abroad)  As you know, it is raining in Jerusalem, Israel and is predicted to snow tonight (1/26/2022).  I usually commute to school or work and get caught in the rain. When the busses stop running and they close Highway 1 (a popular route to leave and enter Jerusalem) To make the situation a bit better, I bought a bag cover (to prevent my laptop and books from getting wet). Initially, I bought one at Rikoshet (local camping supply store) for the army for about 80 NIS. After that one ripped, I started to look elsewhere. I found online for $8 at most places, but on Aliexpress for as little as $1.99 with free shipping (if you don't mind waiting a month for it to arrive). Make sure to get one that is larger than the size of your bag, or else it may not fit nicely. Most commuter bags are around 25 to 35 Liters.  Next, I upgraded to a slightly better umbrella - many umbrella