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Best watches for standardized testing (ACT/SAT/Psychometric Exam) in addition to the military and sports!

Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash Here is the ultimate guide to quality watches for test taking as well as basic training in the army:  Whether you are a soldier or student, or want to gift a watch to someone in those categories... you found the right place! I was in both categories and have laid out the necessary features vs the nice-to-haves when searching for a new time-piece Necessities: Stop-watch, Timer, Alarm, Silent mode, Water Resistance  Nice to haves: Vibrating alarm, light-up display, dual-time zones, Calendar/day of week,    12/24 hour time The watch should be easy to use and comfortable. It should also be durable for long tests as well as physical activity! I was surprised to find out that some watches are missing out on the stopwatch or the timer feature... these are essential for military drills in addition to timed tests. I checked each watch model and ensured that all the items below fit my needs in addition to yours!  All of the following items are shipping free to