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FAQ Post about Amazon free shipping to Israel - Buyer's Guide

Amazon recently announced free shipping to Israel on a limited product range. Our groups have been going crazy for it! Here is a buyer's guide/FAQ to Amazon's Free shipping Promotion to Israel  How can I shop in Hebrew? איך אפשר להזמין בעברית?  Change the language to Hebrew here . יש לשנות עת השפה פה :  What is the minimum order size to qualify for free shipping?  $65 of eligible products (Each item needs to say eligible for free shipping to Israel ). Why is it recommended to not exceed $75 in a single purchase? The government holds the shipment and charges VAT (usually 17%). If you can split up your orders, it will save you time and money.  How long should I leave between purchases to avoid VAT?  The officially recommended timespan is 3 days (72 hours). If it is any closer, amazon might combine the two shipments and you may go over the soft $75 "limit".  Are there any other ways to avoid paying VAT?  Having a f