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Huge deal on Samsung M.2 Storage Drives for your computer

Hello again, we found 2 amazing deals on Samsung Evo 970 M.2 Storage drives. These are really fast but might not fit in your older computer or laptop. This is great for storing your OS, critical programs, games, and videos for editing. 
Even with the high shipping cost and VAT, these come out far cheaper than purchasing them locally. You can also consider shipment forwarding to lower the shipping charge. 
Here are the two deals (on Amazon US):  

Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe
Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB 
For the 500gb drive, there is an 80 shekel discount my by purchasing it from amazon vs ivory. This doesn't even include Ivory's shipping cost of 25 shekel.  And for the 1TB model, the difference grows to 154 shekels, also not including Ivory's shipping charges.

ירידת מחיר שווה לSamsung M.2 כונן. תוודאו שזה מתאים למחשבים שלכם קודם כל. אף עם הדמי משלוח ומע"מ, זה יותר זול באמזון מאשר קנייה מקומית.
לפי הבדיקות שלנו, יש חיסכון של 80 שח בקנייה של הדגם 500GB מאמזון לעומ…

our iHerb order - we just picked it up (shipped free to israel)

Hey, we just got our order through iHerb with several items. We went over the $40 minimum to get free shipping to Israel. This is a deal with Boxit, which means that you'll have to setup a pickup location and get the order within 5 days of it arriving. 
There are alternative options for shipping, but they aren't free, unfortunately. We placed the order on July 12th, it arrived yesterday (the 20th), and we picked it up today. That's a 9 day turn around, so I'm pretty impressed.  
Overall, I'm quite happy with their offerings, as many items aren't available locally or through amazon... But you can find them through iHerb with ease. 
Here is a list of what we ordered, you can use my link and get a bonus 5% off your order. This can be used in tandem with their other promotion for an additional 10% when paying over $60 (VALUE60). Try not to exceed $75 so you can avoid paying VAT.

With that …

How to tell if an item is Fulfilled by Amazon (to get inexpensive shipping to Israel) FBA/SBA

It looks like we now have reasonable priced shipping from Amazon to Israel. By the looks of it, only certain FBA items qualify for this (around $8 in shipping vs the $40 it was earlier).
You should be looking for Fulfilled by Amazon preferably or Ships from and sold by amazon. As for Ships form a 3rd party, that is up to the seller to decide.

And your item should show the shipping cost, like this: (Previously shipping fees were around $40 per order)

רצינו לשים כמה דגשים על איך זה עובד. בעצם, הצלחנו רק במוצרים מאמזון או FBA - מוצרים שיושבים במחסנים שלהם. יש 2 תמונות למעלה שמציינים איך להבדיל מוצר מחברה חיצונית ממוצר של אמזון, המשלוח במחיר סביר לא יעבוד על מוצרים שלא תחת אחד מהקטגוריות האלו.  גם לא כל המוצרים של אמזון יהיו עם המשלוח הזול הזה. 
Unfortunately there are items/full categories that don't appear to have inexpensive shipping. In my case, I couldn't find a pack of pencils to ship for under $40. But I was able to find some computer parts that did ship for $8.

מבחינת זמני אס…

Hue, a puzzle PC game is free to download till July 9th from Epic Games

Hue is a vibrant, award-winning puzzle-adventure, where you alter the world by changing its background color. Includes full colorblind support, using symbols as a color aid. 
This awesome game is on a huge discount, now free till July 9th, 2020.  Just make an Epic Games Account, sign in and claim the game.

המשחק המדהים הזה בהנחה ענקית, עכשיו בחינם עד ה 9 ביולי 2020.

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