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How to get scholarships for College and University in Israel

 Are you studying in college or university... or do you know anyone studying in Israel?  Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash This is the post for you! I am also in college and decided to do the research for myself... later I realized that all my work can help others as well so I decided to spread the word! While tuition is much cheaper in Israel than in North America, you can still get scholarships and subsidies to cover most if not all of your costs! Note that some of these grants have strings attached such as volunteer work or a minimum grade in order to receive them. My best piece of advice is to find the מרכז צעירים nearest to your residency, they are very helpful and assist with finding and applying for grants!  Next, make sure that you supply all the necessary documents online and put them in a special folder. In addition, apply as soon as possible for the scholarships in order to have a greater chance at being accepted.   If you missed the end date, mark your calendar for next