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Best watches for standardized testing (ACT/SAT/Psychometric Exam) in addition to the military and sports!

Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash Here is the ultimate guide to quality watches for test taking as well as basic training in the army:  Whether you are a soldier or student, or want to gift a watch to someone in those categories... you found the right place! I was in both categories and have laid out the necessary features vs the nice-to-haves when searching for a new time-piece Necessities: Stop-watch, Timer, Alarm, Silent mode, Water Resistance  Nice to haves: Vibrating alarm, light-up display, dual-time zones, Calendar/day of week,    12/24 hour time The watch should be easy to use and comfortable. It should also be durable for long tests as well as physical activity! I was surprised to find out that some watches are missing out on the stopwatch or the timer feature... these are essential for military drills in addition to timed tests. I checked each watch model and ensured that all the items below fit my needs in addition to yours!  All of the following items are shipping free to

How to get scholarships for College and University in Israel

 Are you studying in college or university... or do you know anyone studying in Israel?  Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash This is the post for you! I am also in college and decided to do the research for myself... later I realized that all my work can help others as well so I decided to spread the word! While tuition is much cheaper in Israel than in North America, you can still get scholarships and subsidies to cover most if not all of your costs! Note that some of these grants have strings attached such as volunteer work or a minimum grade in order to receive them. My best piece of advice is to find the מרכז צעירים nearest to your residency, they are very helpful and assist with finding and applying for grants!  Next, make sure that you supply all the necessary documents online and put them in a special folder. In addition, apply as soon as possible for the scholarships in order to have a greater chance at being accepted.   If you missed the end date, mark your calendar for next

Did you order a package in Israel and never got it? Now you can track it and make sure it comes!

Did you order a package and never got it? Now you can track it and make sure it comes!  We've aggregated a list of the major courier services and linked directly to their tracking tools, so you can get the proper information in a single click!    Notice: Make sure not to share your tracking code online as it can contain personal information such as your address or even where your package is being held. This can allow a stranger to pick up a package instead of you.  Couriers:  International Companies DHL Israel FedEx UPS Aramex USPS Australia Post Canada Post Royal Mail (UK) Local Companies Boxit  h

How to find and buy books (written in English) in Israel

 As an oleh chadash (New Immigrant) from North America, I like to get my fix of English books. Due to the amount of books I read, I decided to look for a reasonable price for some of the non-fiction books that I read.  Surprisingly, many book store chains such as צומת ספרים or סטימצקי actually have 1 or two shelves with english books. I have seen Game Of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and even Startup Nation. Unfortunately, it seems like they carry only the extremely popular fiction books, they do have a decent amount of children's books and teen literature as well... But it isn't my cup of tea...and the prices seem to be more expensive than in other countries... If you like to get the newspaper, they also have the international version of the New York Times, Jerusalem Post (english) and several other newspapers/magazines.  If you don't mind used books , there are some cities with the ESRA organization and they have used book stores in Modiin and Raanana (in addition to some o

Buy a ticket and get one FREE! Non-Stop Flights to Israel - with Elal - טיסות של אלעל במבצע. 1+1 על נסיעה מנוי יורק לתל אביב!

 Hurry!!      - טיסות של אלעל במבצע. 1+1 על נסיעה מנוי יורק לתל אביב או מתל אביב לארה"ב וכל מינו מקומות נוספות  יש קוד הנחה למטה  BUY ONE GET ONE FREE EL AL SALE! FLY FROM NYC TO TEL AVIV (or vis-versa) FOR $414 (each ticket)  ROUND TRIP! The Official Airline of Israel... Or to many other detinations!! Enter the coupon code -  BUY1GET1  View Offer Book Ticket The offer is valid thru February 12, 2022. Travel thru March 26, 2022.  Details: Select a round-trip flight from a variety of EL AL destinations (only specific locations qualify, please see the rules & regulations). Choose the number of passengers - 2, 4, 6 or 8 (only these combinations are eligible). Choose your round-trip flight dates (the offer is available on the days marked in light blue) and click on "Book a flight". In the next screen, select your ticket in Economy Class or in Premium Class. The price shown includes the benefit of a flight ticket as a gift but is shown as a 50% discount on each ticket. Pl

MasterCard Day is coming, be prepared יום מאסטרקארד מגיע, תהיו מוכנים

The coupons go live at 10AM on the 10 th  day of every month. Some coupons are limited in supply and often get used up well before the end of the day, so we recommend checking out as soon as possible… It is best to have your cart ready the night before so you don’t make any impulse purchases.  Also note that an Israeli Mastercard is required... although we got reports of some American Mastercard's working too! some websites require that card to be set as the default payment method as well. הקופונים עולים בשעה 10 בבוקר ב -10 בכל חודש. כמה קופונים מוגבלים באספקה ולעתים קרובות להתרגל הרבה לפני סוף היום, אז אנו ממליצים לבדוק בהקדם האפשרי... עדיף להכין את העגלה שלך בלילה הקודם כדי שלא תעשה רכישות דחף . כמו כן, שימו לב כי נדרש מאסטרקארד ישראלי אבל יש לקוחות שמדווחים שזה גם עובד עם  מאסטרקארד  אמריקאי!  ... אתרי אינטרנט מסוימים דורשים להגדיר כרטיס  זה כאמצעי התשלום המוגדר כברירת מחדל גם כן. נגמר המלאי - תנסו בחודש הבאה - Sold Out! Come back next month 10% הנחה באתר אמזון – הנחה מקסימלית 2

Cheap flights between New York and Tel Aviv through TAP Portugal

 Cheap flights between New York and Tel Aviv through TAP Portugal The format is Month/Day/Year From Israel:  Tel Aviv to Newark , NJ on 3/10-3/24 is just $345. Tel Aviv , NJ to Newark in Business Class on 3/10-3/24 is just $1,365. From the US:  Newark, NJ to Tel Aviv 3/9-3/21 is just $473. Newark , NJ to Tel Aviv 3/23-3/31 is just $492. Newark , NJ to Tel Aviv 3/27-4/5 is just $473. Notes: Note that there is a layover in Libson, Portugal. In addition, note that seats are limited. Lastly, note the Covid-19 travel restrictions in addition, you will be required to get negative Covid tests in english.  Links: Book through their site - or SkyScanner - And read the airline's  change policy as well  They are a member of Star Alliance - meaning you should be able to get frequent flyer miles as well!  Come join

Winter and rain - what to wear and buy (in Israel or abroad)

Credit: Avi Parshan - Calm Before the Storm - in Caesarea  Winter and rain - what to wear and buy (in Israel or abroad)  As you know, it is raining in Jerusalem, Israel and is predicted to snow tonight (1/26/2022).  I usually commute to school or work and get caught in the rain. When the busses stop running and they close Highway 1 (a popular route to leave and enter Jerusalem) To make the situation a bit better, I bought a bag cover (to prevent my laptop and books from getting wet). Initially, I bought one at Rikoshet (local camping supply store) for the army for about 80 NIS. After that one ripped, I started to look elsewhere. I found online for $8 at most places, but on Aliexpress for as little as $1.99 with free shipping (if you don't mind waiting a month for it to arrive). Make sure to get one that is larger than the size of your bag, or else it may not fit nicely. Most commuter bags are around 25 to 35 Liters.  Next, I upgraded to a slightly better umbrella - many umbrella

Want to download an app that isn't available in your region on iOS or Android, here is how to fix that!

How to change regions in the Google Play Store for Android This guide will come in handy for those of you moving to a different country, trying to redeem a Google Play Rewards Card from a different region, or downloading an app only available in a specific area. If you get a warning such as: This app is not available for any of your devices Create a new google account within Israel, then add it to your android phone. Now you can have one account for within Israel… and keep your existing account. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app Google Play. Tap Menu and then Account. Under “Country and profiles,” find your name and country. If you don’t have a payment method from the new country, follow the onscreen instructions to add a payment method. This creates a new Google Payments profile linked to the new country. The first payment method must be from the country you’re adding a profile for. Once you create th