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So, you need to pay Import Deposit Fees - Here's how to lower that cost.

There is a bug with the VAT calculation on some items (not every account is effected) where the Import Deposit Fee is way higher than it should be. Just to note: you will only be charged Import Deposit  if your cart goes over $75 (in items themselves, not shipping).  But, if you go into this VAT Calculator  and notice that the Import Deposit Fee seems significantly higher (note the price of shipping too - this article explains more - ) Then here is your solution - Add a small value item to your cart, such as one in our Dollar Finds List below... and watch your Import Deposit Fee "correct itself".  Lastly, you can note that Amazon should return the difference of the Import Deposit Fee if it is higher than what the Tax Authority actually charges... If you don't want to take the chance and also have no desire to wait till they do that, you are in luck... בתקופה האחרונה יש באג מוזר בחישוב העמלת

Holiday Coupon at iHerb for 15% off

  Good morning, We have an iHerb discount just for you בוקר טוב. יש לנו הנחה של iHerb במיוחד בשבילכם ... תוקף בארץ עד 4 לינואר 2021... יש משלוח חינם בהזמנות מעל $60 שימו לב, לא לעבור את ה $75, או תצטרכו לשלם מע"מ. Just works in Israel and several other countries in the Middle East. Click here to get the coupon automatically applied at checkout - This ends on January 4th, 2021 Check courier weight here ... unfortunately, if you exceed their weight limit and/or order an item not allowed to ship to Israel, it won't work and you may have to pay VAT And you still get free shipping on orders greater than $60. Make sure to pay in Dollars to avoid any potential issues with the Tax Authority and try to stay under $75 on the cost of the items themselves. ( has more information on this topic. And make sure to join us on all of our social media accounts here

New iHerb coupon - 10% off sitewide

  We found you guys a new great deal from iHerb, they are bringing on a new Scientific Advisor and giving you a code with his name for 10% off. Here's the code . Works for US, IL, and many more countries... Expires on the 23rd of December though.  They also have:  10% off on orders over $60 USD On orders over $60 USD, apply promo code VALUE60 at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order. Let us knwo what you are going to get ;)  and make sure to join our Deals group on FB, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, and more