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Want to bank in english in Israel? We found which banks have interfaces in English!

For years, Israeli Banks have had their apps, websites, and customer service in Hebrew. As an anglo living in Israel,  I have gotten used to banking in Hebrew. With that being said, there is a big convenience factor to be able to check your bank and perform actions in your native language. In addition, there are plenty of expats in Israel who do not have fluent hebrew. That is why this post is helpful!  Bank Leumi App Recently, they announced that their app is going to be available in English (as well as Hebrew). This should be added to the existing app via a software update ( iOS , Android ) To switch languages:  Go to Settings הגדרות (bottom left of the screen) >> select Language שפה >> select English >> Choose Switch to English in the pop-up message >> The app will log out >> when you log back in the app will be presented in English Currently, the statement that Leumi is the only Israel Banking app with an english interface is true. We are waiting for t