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Some more free e-books worth downloading. Great classics now for $0

   Edit: no longer available Edit: no longer free - make sure to subscribe to us for more updates (and never miss a deal) - We had an earlier article about free kindle books -  , and we are glad to say that there are more books (and a new selection over here). These classic books are free for a limited time, so go add them to your arsenal (even if you don't own a e-reader ).  Anyways, go enjoy the books below:  Arsène Lupin, gentleman-burglar The Agatha Christie Collection The Complete Works of William Shakespeare The Complete Works of Jane Austen Aristotle: The Complete Works Don't forget to join our  Deals Group (on all the major social networks)  to get notifications for deals  and never miss them.

Best Machine Learning/AI Books for 2022 - where to buy

 As a developer, AI/ML has been a really lucrative and interesting field. For my 2021 years resolution, I am going to jump back into this field and focus on learning more and practicing. I have found a list of books that helped me so far, and I'm sure you'll also find useful:  Understanding Machine Learning (From Theory to Algorithms) :  Machine learning is one of the fastest growing areas of computer science, with far-reaching applications. The aim of this textbook is to introduce machine learning, and the algorithmic paradigms it offers, in a principled way. The book provides an extensive theoretical account of the fundamental ideas underlying machine learning and the mathematical derivations that transform these principles into practical algorithms. Following a presentation of the basics of the field, the book covers a wide array of central topics that have not been addressed by previous textbooks. These include a discussion of the computational complexity of learning and th

Free classic books on the e-reader for a limited time - and how to add them to your library

Edit: deal is no longer available Edit: no longer free but we have more books over here -   Welcome back to our blog. Today's post is epic... What's better than a great deal? Free stuff... These books will only be free for a limited time, so add to your library and it will be there forever. These should work no matter what country you are in (as long as you can shop on Amazon's US Site ) For these eBooks, make sure to select the first option:  and then on the right side, click "Buy Now with 1-click", you'll get an e-mail and it will be added to your library. You can then load it onto your eReader , Fire , android or iphone phone, or read it on your computer even.  Here are the books, and make sure to disable ad-block to see the cool widgets as well (Price, Author, Ratings, and Cover Image):  Paradise Lost The Brontë Sisters: The Complete Novels The Age of Reason The Complete Works by 

We are back at it again with Corelle Deals 🇺🇸 - קורל

Edit: no longer available We have found you two great deals on Corelle Sets for the home. This is also a great gift idea.  The shipping isn't so cheap because the plates aren't exactly light, but it's well worth it in comparison to the price of Corelle in Israel.  These are coming in and going out of stock quickly, so move fast if you actually want one.  Also note that you won't be paying VAT (unless your items add up to $75 or above)  Look at the VAT Calculator  Corelle Service for 6 Chip Resistant Dinnerware Set, 18-Piece, Portofino Corelle Service for 6, Chip Resistant, Winter Frost White Dinnerware Set, 18-Piece And follow us for deal alerts - Here אנחנו נמצאים בכמעט כל רשת, פה    לכל משהו שמדבר עברית, יש מבצע מאמזון ארה"ב... על קורל... יש להזדרז בגלל שיש כל כך הרבה אנשים שקונים והמחיר ממש טוב.

Fly From Tel Aviv To JFK Nonstop For Only $636 - Through Delta Round Trip

 Edit: no longer available   We don't post airline deals unless they are outstanding אנחנו לא מפרסמים עסקאות של חברות תעופה אלא אם הן יוצאות דופן It's Round Trip too!!! And Delta is blocking out the middle seats as well Fly From Tel Aviv To JFK Nonstop For Only $636 Tel Aviv to JFK: January: 17 though 31 February: Entire month March: 1-6-29 May: Entire month June: 1 thought 16 September: 6-12-31 October: Entire month November: Entire month JFK to Tel Aviv: January: 22 through 31 February: Entire month March: 1-8-31 April: 1-13-31 May: 4-29 June: 3-26 August: 21-26-27-28 September: 9-24 November: Entire month December: 1-2-3-4-5 Go through Delta's website to book And join our Best Deals in Israel Group -

Contigo Sale - Move fast and add to existing order

 Edit: No longer relevant  Contigo Snapseal Insulated Travel Mug, 20 oz, Sake is under $10, and you can also opt in for the model with the handle which is also on discount today. Make sure to add this to an existing order and/or order with other items, which makes the most financial sense... Essentially there is a base shipping cost, and it will be distributed among more items in the cart, allowing you to do so without drastically increasing the shipping fee.  Contigo Sale - לנוע מהר ולהוסיף להזמנה קיימת Catch our Amazon Israel Best Deals Group - Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and more . 

2 crazy shoe deals hopped up on my feed, come see - why you should buy online

 Edit: no longer relevant  Under Armour Kids' Grade School Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe Under Armour Women's HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe Both happen to be on insane discounts for limited sizes. Make sure to add other items to your cart - add to existing order to take advantage of the shipping cost. For people with large and/or wide feet, it is much easier shopping from the US because there is a huge selection of sizes, shapes, colors, styles, etc. In addition, you get competitive prices rather than dealing with a shoe sales person. The only downside is that you do not get to try the pair on to verify that they fit well and are comfortable... That's why it's best to stick to a style or brand unless you don't mind making a return.  The low price will not last long, so move quick - and get our deals 

Jurassic World Evolution - Free on Epic Games till 1/7/2021

 Edit: no longer available Jurassic World Evolution - Is free on Epic Games till  January 7th, 2021. This is the PC version of the game.  You can redeem it for free just by making an account, no PC required and no need to download the game to get in on this deal. About the game: Take charge of operations on the legendary islands of the Muertes archipelago and bring the wonder, majesty and danger of dinosaurs to life. Build for Science, Entertainment or Security interests in an uncertain world where life always finds a way. אבולוציה עולמית היורה - בחינם עד 1/7/2021 Jurassic World Evolution on Epic Games Store And don't forget to join our deals group to never miss out on sales.