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Mastercard-day discounts for Winter 2024

  Every month on the 10th day, Mastercard has exclusive discounts and coupons at many popular stores. It is geared towards customers with Israeli issued Mastercard's but works with Mastercard's issued in many other countries (including the US of course)!  Please take another look at the Mastercard discounts and get ready for the next day of deals!  These are some of my favorites from their offerings. For the full list, please visit their site linked at the end of the article.  Please note:  Amazon is not offering the Mastercard coupon for this month, we do not yet know if/when it will be back. Additionally, t his article is relevant for November 10th, 2023. Rewards and coupons are subject to change from month to month.  Highlights: KSP : 10% discount on all "toys" category on the KSP website on the products marked in the dedicated link. Valid on the 10th of the month. Including doubling of discounts, no doubling of coupons and benefits. Subject to the regulations on t

Driver's License and Theory Test Resources for Israel

Here are some resources for studying to pass your theory test so you can start driver lessons in Israel as soon as possible!  Types of licenses:  1 - Tractor A - Motorcycle A3 - Electric Bike B - Private cars with passengers C - Trucks (Heavier loads) C1 - Trucks (up to 12 tons) D - Vehicles for public use (i.e. Taxis) Most of you will be Type B, which is a normal car.  Unlike in North America, with a B type license you can drive automatic transmission only (by default).  If you want to drive manual transmission it requires additional physical practice lessons and a tougher driving test.   This article will not cover converting a license if you already have one, but rather is just for new drivers! טופס ירוק Green Form: Before the theory test, you need to fill out a טופס ירוק, or you can do it digitally here  (in Hebrew). It involves a health questionnaire and afterwards approval from their doctor and an eye exam.  For the eye exam, you can go to most retail optometrist/glasses stores s

What is castile soap? What sets it apart from traditional cleaning products?

Castile soap is a more natural alternative to traditional cleaning products that doesn't use synthetic ingredients. This is much better for the environment as it doesn't contain preservatives, phosphates, & nitrates. It also comes in various shapes and sizes to fit whatever solution you need! Uses It is also quite versatile, and wears many hats. It can be used for the following: Shampoo Face, hand, and body soap “All-in-One Cleanser” : Gentler than regular bar soaps, this versatile soap not only cleanses the skin but also restores natural oils. Additionally, it aids in managing acne. Deodorant You can make your own natural deodorant using  Makeup remover Removes foundation and eye or lip makeup Shaving Soothes the skin during shaving  These are just some of the many uses of Castile Soap. In the above examples, you can mix the soap with other products such as oil or water as the original product is highly concentrated. The Catch Packaging:  Most castile soaps come in a huge