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Mastercard-day discounts for Winter 2024

  Every month on the 10th day, Mastercard has exclusive discounts and coupons at many popular stores. It is geared towards customers with Israeli issued Mastercard's but works with Mastercard's issued in many other countries (including the US of course)!  Please take another look at the Mastercard discounts and get ready for the next day of deals!  These are some of my favorites from their offerings. For the full list, please visit their site linked at the end of the article.  Please note:  Amazon is not offering the Mastercard coupon for this month, we do not yet know if/when it will be back. Additionally, t his article is relevant for November 10th, 2023. Rewards and coupons are subject to change from month to month.  Highlights: KSP : 10% discount on all "toys" category on the KSP website on the products marked in the dedicated link. Valid on the 10th of the month. Including doubling of discounts, no doubling of coupons and benefits. Subject to the regulations on t