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Filing FBAR as a US expat abroad - 2022 Guide to fill out your yearly report for free!

What is the FBAR?  It is the Report of Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts. The FBAR has been around since 1970; and it is in the hands of the Federal Crimes Enforcement Network. While many people associate the FBAR with taxes and the IRS, it is a separate entity and process altogether. The only major connection is the deadline happens to be on the same date.  Do I need to file the FBAR?  The US requires their citizens to file taxes and an FBAR, even if they are no longer reside there (you live abroad). In addition, the government requires residents to file it if they have signification foreign holdings ( $10,000 or more). Their justification is so the US government to know that people are not involved in any financial fraud abroad.  When you are a US citizen and sign up for a bank account in a foreign country (with a US tax treaty), 99% of the time they will also have you fill out a W9, bring your US identification and store your social security number. These countries often collab

How to find kosher products on iHerb איך מוצאים מוצרים כשרים באתר אייהרב

iHerb is a company based in the US... many of the products happen to be kosher, you just need to look for the symbol... they have a 360 degree view of some products which has been helpful in locating the kashrut symbol in the past. All you need to do is click on the product images, most items have the 360 Degree view. Then you use the orange slider to see different angles of the product. iHerb היא חברה שבסיסה בארה"ב... רבים מהמוצרים במקרה כשרים, אתה רק צריך לחפש את הסמל... יש להם תצוגה של 360 מעלות של כמה מוצרים שעזרו באיתור סמל הכשרות ב העבר. כל מה שאתה צריך לעשות הוא ללחוץ על תמונות המוצר, לרוב הפריטים יש תצוגה של 360 מעלות. לאחר מכן אתה משתמש במחוון הכתום כדי לראות זוויות שונות של המוצר. This one is Kof-K Kosher and Parve זה קוף-ק כשר ופרווה You can also now select only kosher foods in the filter and sort function under "certification and diet". Though you still need to use the 360 view sometimes to make sure it's a good hechsher (most are) כמו כן, ניתן לבחור כ

Prime day is coming from July 12th to 13th... here is what to know if you live in Israel!

Picture of the prime day website 2022 יש עברית למטה Prime day is coming from July 12th to 13th... here is what to know if you live in Israel! If you are in the US, most of this post still applies to you as well...  Firstly, you need to be a member of prime in the respective site you use ( US  or UK )... you can also sign up for a free trial (with an option to cancel before the first month ends) US Sign Up  for free trial UK Sign Up for free trial Note that if you have a US prime subscription, it doesn't transfer nor apply to the UK one and vis versa (same for other countries). You can also have a single subscription per family and invite your fellow family members to get the prime benefits for no added fee! You can also have access to prime video (with a limited category of videos that are available in Israel). Next, note that while you will get some of the benefits of prime (video, kindle, audiobooks, etc)... they do not offer 2 day shipping for free to Israel. You can still get

Why is my order getting consolidated? Will I need to pay VAT on it? Your questions are answered here!

I've been meaning to post this for a while... Recently (at least several months ago)... if you ordered multiple items in different orders (on the same account)... they may have been consolidated to save the company on shipping... this has the negative effect of potentially being caught up in the tax authority...  There are a few ways to avoid this: First of all, ask a spouse or family member to order on their behalf (from their own account), This way the order should be handled separately. Second, try to pace out your orders. The recommendation is at least 3 days between them, but if you track your packages, as soon as the first one starts getting fulfilled and shipped... the next one should be fine.   Alternatively, If you want to order something of greater value, then you can order via the Import Deposit Fee . This is a great alternative, and works for Amazon!  The tax authority also has a policy that if multiple orders come separately but in the window of 72 hours within each ot

How to find the IBAN and SWIFT number for Bank Hapoalim Quickly איך למצוא את מספר ה-IBAN ו-SWIFT של בנק הפועלים במהירות

  Are you a customer of Bank Hapoalim or trying to do a transaction with someone who has an account with them? This guide will help you quickly find the IBAN and SWIFT Code for the bank and your account (more specifically).  First, click on the settings button on the top of your screen (הגדרות) Next, Scroll down on your settings/profile page and you will see a section like this on the bottom left half of your screen: And here you will find all the relevant information to your account.  The swift code is here:  POALILIT, but the IBAN number is personal to you and differs between accounts.  If you prefer, here is a link which will direct you to your profile and you can proceed form there: Come join   our deals group  to never miss out on upcoming sales אתם מוזמנים להצטרף ל קבוצת דילים   שלנו If you are a customer of:  Bank Discount, try  here Beinleumi (The First International Bank of Israel) try here