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New iHerb coupons for Lag Baomer - April 2021 How to save money when shopping on iHerb - איך לחסוך כסף בקנייה מאייהרב

Edit: the savebig20 coupon is now expired, you can still use some of the other coupons below to save money.  Long time no speak, but we are back at it again with more iHerb Coupons. Since our last post, surprisingly  is still active. This gets you 10% off your order (on purchases worth $60+). In addition, Boxit does delivery (to a store near you) for free on orders worth $60+. Don't forget that this is from the US to Israel. There are some items that Boxit won't ship, so thankfully the alternative is DHL, it is slightly more expensive though.  But, I'd recommend trying to avoid going over the $75 mark or else you'll be paying VAT of 17% and your items may be held up for inspection at the tax authority. There is a wonderful VAT Calculator here   which explains that situation. It's also recommended to set the currency in USD, due to market fluctuations (so you'll secure the fact that you spent less than $75 no