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Amazon Coupons, Lightning Deals, and other useful links

Artem Beliaikin You may have heard about lightning deals, but you may have also noticed that on the Amazon Israel site, it doesn't show up on the homepage.  אולי שלעתם על אמזון בארץ, אבל בדף הבית לא רואים את כל העסקאות בזק, מצאנו פתרון לזה.  תפתחו את הקישור כדאי לראות את זה.  Lightning Deals עסקאות בזק-  Luckily, here is a link that still lets you access these deals - Lightning Deals . These are usually deals that last up to 24 hours. They also have a limited supply, meaning if they sell out, it is gone (for that price). You still may be able to join the waitlist and hope someone doesn't buy the item.  Coupons קופונים-  In addition to Lightning Deals, Amazon also has coupons that you can clip (to save additional money). Occasionally, you may only be able to use a single coupon for the whole order.  Do not confuse these with promotional codes.  Promotional codes are alphanumeric (for the most part), and allow you to add them at checkout. On the other hand,

Corelle Dish Thread - Free Shipping

Deal ended I was able to locate Corelle sets that actually ship free to Israel!  These are heavy dishes, and fragile, so it is surprising that this would even be an option... Locally, not all styles are available and they tend to be 10% to 15% more expensive. You also do not have the lifetime warranty for broken dishes in Israel, so leave that to consideration A picture is worth 1000 words, so I would recommend pausing the ad-block to see them.  Uptown Garden - 18 Pieces - Chip Resistant Portofino - 6 Pieces - Chip Resistant Terrazzo Rosa - 6 Pieces - Chip Resistant Square Splendor - 6 Piece

Deodorant/Antiperspirants that ship to Israel and are on a good deal

We've made the mistake in the past of posting a deodorant or antiperspirant that isn't both (meaning it only does 1 of the 2 tasks). With that being said, here is a thread of highly rated + inexpensive antiperspirant + deodorants in a single package. You can get some of these products locally, but the size is smaller and there is less of a selection... some people prefer specific brands and items which you cannot get locally. So here are some notable ones that we found and hopefully it will assist you as well Speed Stick Deodorant for Men Right Guard Sport Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick Old Spice Antiperspirant and Deodorant Degree Men's Antiperspirant/Deoderant   Degree Men Antiperspirant Deodorant - Dry Protection Secret Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Women . Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant Suave Antiperspirant Deodorant, Shower Fresh  

Kano Coding Kits for Kids: Disney Versions on discount (STEM)

Deal ended Kobu Agency from Unsplash I found these two coding kits that can help kids learn programming concepts and have fun at the same time. Both of these versions are eligible to be shipped free to Israel and are on sale. Kano Star Wars Kit Kano Disney Frozen Kit It is compatible wioth many devices, such as iPads, Macs, Windows 10 PCs, Kindle Fire Tablets, and some more.  The prices in the widget don't seem up to date, so click through to see the latest prices.

Amazon Deal on Strategy Games (Limited Time - Only for December 6th)

Deal ended Tim foster from unsplash There is an erev-christmas deal on board games through amazon. This lasts today only (December 6th) My favorites -  Othello Classic  Codenames Pictures Other notable finds - Forbidden Island One Night Ultimate Werewolf Planet Boss Monster And much more, here is the  Full link to all games in promotion Prices might not be up to date (cheaper in actual promotion, than what is shown)

FAQ Post about Amazon free shipping to Israel - Buyer's Guide

Amazon recently announced free shipping to Israel on a limited product range. Our groups have been going crazy for it! Here is a buyer's guide/FAQ to Amazon's Free shipping Promotion to Israel  How can I shop in Hebrew? איך אפשר להזמין בעברית?  Change the language to Hebrew here . יש לשנות עת השפה פה :  What is the minimum order size to qualify for free shipping?  $65 of eligible products (Each item needs to say eligible for free shipping to Israel ). Why is it recommended to not exceed $75 in a single purchase? The government holds the shipment and charges VAT (usually 17%). If you can split up your orders, it will save you time and money.  How long should I leave between purchases to avoid VAT?  The officially recommended timespan is 3 days (72 hours). If it is any closer, amazon might combine the two shipments and you may go over the soft $75 "limit".  Are there any other ways to avoid paying VAT?  Having a f

Clif Bar and other Clif Products that are kosher and ship to israel

Deal ended -  Please see our  updated post   with new items shipping free Hu Chen on Unsplash It is quite difficult to find kosher products on amazon. It is even more difficult to find kosher food on amazon that ships to Israel free (on eligible orders over $49) I made two other posts that are also about kosher food in israel Quest Bars Kosher Food Thread I was able to find you guys some cool items. Within a sea of products, we were able to conjure some that actually ship free to Israel! It was well worth the effort in our opinions... You can get cliff bars locally but the selection is limited and the price is quite high.  Clif Shot - Energy Gel (24 - 1.2 Oz Packets) . It is under the OU (Parve)  Flavors that ship to israel: Chocolate Cherry, Double Expresso, Mocha, Razz and Strawberry Clif Shot - Energy Gel 8 Flavor Variety Pack . Also under OU (Parve),   Clif Mojo Crunch Clusters Variety Pack . Under OU-D. Honey Srirocka, Finger Pickin BBQ, and Electric Almond Sea

Quest Protein Bars are Gluten-Free, OU-D, and ship to israel free

Deal has ended ;) I made two other posts that are also about kosher food in israel Clif Bars Kosher Food Thread Quest was mentioned earlier, they have kosher protein bars (OU-D). Now they are on sale and have coupons (so clip them). Also Gluten-Free. Mint Chocolate Chunk - Mocha Chocolate Chip - White Chocolate Raspberry - Peanut Butter Brownie Smash - Chocolate Brownie - Double Chocolate Chunk - Cookies and Cream -

Deals on Samsung MicroSD Cards for the holidays - in Israel

Most android phones can take a MicroSD card for extra storage. Some cameras, drones, laptops, and many other electronics also use these. Samsung MicroSD Cards of various sizes are on a discount. Much better pricing than in Israel.  Having one with large capacity that can write data and read at fast speeds is integral to the system stability of your device. Not all phones and cameras can handle the volume and speeds (too low or high) of certain cards... so please verify before making a purchase.  Here are some recommended products that we use ourselves Samsung 512GB MicroSD with Adapter (Evo Select) Samsung 256GB MicroSD With Adapter (Evo Select) Samsung 128GB MicroSD With Adapter (Evo Select) Samsung 64GB MicroSD With Aapter (Evo Select) Disable Ad-block to see prices: 

OtterBox Defender Cases for iPhones & Samsung on Sale

Deal is no longer active Henry Boulind from unsplash OtterBox is by far, my favorite phone case company. Their products aren't cheap but they are well worth it. Especially if you spent a lot of money on a new phone. They do not have a lifetime warranty unfortunately, which is certainly irritating, but the quality makes up for it.  OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus OtterBox Communter Series Case for iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 OtterBox Defender Series Case for Galaxy S10+

Video Games on Sale (Black Friday)

Deal is no longer active Rohit Choudhari  Battlefield V  (Multiple Platforms) Assasin's Creed Odyssey (Xbox One) Assasin's Creed III: Remastered (Multiple Platforms) Far Cry New Dawn (Multiple Platforms) Diablo III Eternal Collection (Multiple Platforms - Best Price is on PS4) Need for Speed - Heat (Xbox & PS4) Injustice 2: Legendary Edition (PS4) Devil May Cry 5 (PS4) Fallout 4 (Xbox + PS4) Lego Video Games Harry Potter Collection Disney's The Incredibles DC Super-Villians Disable adblock to see more info: (prices may not be up to date, so click through to see the current one)   

Dr. Seuss Books on Sale

Deal is no longer active image from unsplash (josh applegate) Here is a post for Dr. Seuss + Other kids books Books on Sale that ship to Israel in the promotion: Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection (Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks) Scrambled Eggs Super Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! Are you my Mother?  - Not by Dr. Seuss, but great book Ensure to clip the coupons if you see them for extra savings! Disable/Pause ad-block if enabled to see the live prices and images below: 

Referral Links and Cashback Services

Cashback Sites:   I’m inviting you to join Drop, the free app that’s giving away millions in cash rewards every day! Use my code bsk3z to get $5 gift card - no strings attached. Shop through Quidco and earn cashback on every purchase. Join here (Get 10 Pounds), it's simple and free!  I got paid for signing up for apple music free trial (meant for UK, but works elsewhere) Rakuten Cashback (get $10 for signing up and completing order of $25, works on many major sites) - Honey - Great coupon finder (tracks prices and saves you money). Just got bought out by paypal for $4b Take pictures of your shopping reciepts in israel. Every strauss product earns you bonus points. Use the points to get awesome rewards like movie tickets, kitchen appliances, etc.

Kosher Food Thread - Imported from the US to your door in Israel

Edit: Please see our updated post   with new items shipping free Food from unsplash Here is all the kosher food that I found on Amazon that ships to Israel within the eligible promotion (Select items, free shipping on orders of $49+). If there are coupons, clip them to get savings. And some can be used with Subscribe and Save (S&S), for even more savings. Kosher food is sometimes hard to get in most parts of the world, let alone getting a popular snack from England, Australia, United States, etc. that is acceptable is a challenge... So we enjoy anything we can get our hands on from back in Michigan...  NEW Find  - Wilton Sprinkle Assortment CRC - NEW Find  - Belgian Boys Cookie Butter Cookies Triangle K NEW Find - Gluten-Free Shortbread OU-D NEW Find - Luden's Wild Berry Cough Drops OU-D NEW Find - Luden's Watermelon Throat Drops OU-D  https://am

Family Board and Card Games - Where to get english versions to Israel

Tim Foster from Unsplash Great for Hanukah and all year round. Over the weekend, it is always nice to sit down and enjoy some family time, board games aren't always boring. Unfortunately as immigrants to a foreign country, the same games are available but in the national language (here it's hebrew), so it becomes challenging to comprehend how to play a game like Catan when you can barely read the rules. There are several solutions, one being to print out the english guidebook and copy off of that... Another one is to have a local person teach you the ropes, or to struggle through it yourself... All in all, we have decided on multiple occasions to import it from the United States in English, it became much easier that way.  How do you play board games in Israel (or a foreign country)?  Here are some very popular and among our favorite games you can buy with english!  Board Games Monopoly - Operation -   Simon