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Free shipping to Israel has returned! משלוח מאמזון בחינם לארץ חזר לעבוד!

Update - minimum is now $49, details here המינימום החדש 49 דולר!  We've all been waiting a long time for this moment! Amazon US brought back free shipping on many items to Israel! (This happened out of the blue last night) The item must be SBA or FBA in order to qualify , in addition there are categories and certain items that do not ship at or or just cost money to import.  SBA = Sold by Amazon FBA = Fulfilled by Amazon FBM = Fulfilled by Merchant The import deposit fee and VAT still apply when the order cost exceeds $75.  Not all items have propagated this change yet, so add to cart and be patient!   It is best to pay in  USD rather than NIS because amazon's exchange rate isn't favorable, and מע"מ is calculated in USD, so any fluctuation in shekels might throw you over the exemption limit.  Lastly, you need to reach the minimum of $49 spent to hit the free shipping threshold... This has been pushed from $49 before the pandemic... The target would be to get your c