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Mastercardday will fall out on shabbat or chag, what will we do? יום המאסטרקארד ייפול בשבת או חג, מה נעשה?

If Mastercard day will fall out on shabat or holiday, what will we do?  Thankfully, the company was thoughtful of those who are religious and provided a helpful solution! יום המאסטרקארד ייפול בשבת או חג, מה נעשה? למרבה המזל, החברה התחשבה בשומרי שבתוחגים ונתנה פתרון מועיל!

ENERGIZER products on major discount, clip the coupon for up to 50% off!!

  Energizer is a brand well known for electronics and specifically batteries, but they also make powerful flashlights and LEDs too! ... we have a deal in store for you on their flashlights and other products! Make sure to clip the coupon when available (green box) for up to 50% off the list price. These items also ship free to Israel on eligible orders of $49 and up, in addition to being VAT free for orders below $75. Energizer הוא מותג הידוע באלקטרוניקה ובמיוחד סוללות, אבל הם גם מייצרים פנסים ונוריות LED עוצמתיים! ... יש לנו מבצע עבורכם על הפנסים שלהם ומוצרים אחרים! הקפד לגזור את הקופון כאשר זמין (קופסה ירוקה) עד 50% הנחה. פריטים אלו נשלחים חינם לישראל גם בהזמנות מתאימות של $49 ומעלה, בנוסף להיותם ללא מע"מ עבור הזמנות מתחת ל-$75. Clip on Book Light  פנס לקריאת ספרים Rechargeable Pen Light  פנס עט נטענת LED Headlamp Flashlights  LED פנסים ראשיים LED Headlamp PRO (2-Pack)  LED פנסים ראשיים PRO (מגיע עם 2) LED Camping Lanterns  פנסים לשטח LED Flashlights TAC-300 Pro  פנסי PRO LED He

How to view a mobile version of a website on your desktop or laptop computer with Google Chrome

We wanted to let you guys know that items with variations such as sizes, colors, styles... might cause some issues with the free shipping filter with/without using our   amazing site ! The issue is that there isn't a possibility to way to distinguish which variant or style ships free and which one doesn’t. The solution right now is to click through the different options till you find one that does ship free… and note that it actually is more transparent with pricing and styles on the mobile app or website…  if you are on desktop with chrome it’s quite easy to “mock” a phone’s view… Click F12 or right click and find “Inspect” -> now the menu pops up ->  And click the devices (the item circled) ->   Now, click "Dimensions" and chose a device. Make sure to refresh the page after you chose and the mobile site will appear… To return to the normal desktop view, perform the steps in reverse (simply click the devices button again – circled in red in the 1 st pictu

New Sunfrost recall - Found a snake, snail, and bird in their green beans

Recently, Sunfrost has had some of their products recalled for finding a mouse, snake, snail, and even a bird in various products. Thankfully, the press has been notified and Tnuva (the parent company) has issued yet another recall.  ⚠️ Notice to consumers on expanding as a precautionary measure of the resurgence of Sunfrost bean products ⚠️ Sunfrost apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the consumer, and requests to update that the initial return of all bean products will be carried out in regular Kosher and Kosher BDZ the ultra-Orthodox community from the points of sale starting tomorrow 23.08.22. The company says that the decision to expand the collection of products was made out of responsibility and out of caution towards customers. The bean products to be collected are as per the list below according to the barcode printed on the package from all expiry dates (preferable to use before) until 17.2.2025 inclusive. ◾ Whole green beans, 800 g, regular kosher, barcode 72900001046

Prediction: the tax reduction on fuel will be extended and the price will also drop significantly next month

Despite the significant drop in oil prices worldwide by about 10% since the end of last month and the fall in the dollar exchange rate by about 5% in recent weeks, Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman intends to extend the discount on the fuel tax until November 15. The meaning: fuel prices are expected to drop significantly next month as well, after at the beginning of the month the price per liter of fuel dropped from NIS 8.08 to NIS 6.58 for the self-service stations. According to temporary calculations conducted by experts in the field of energy, if the price of a barrel of oil continues to be around $100 and even less and the dollar rate in Israel is between NIS 3.20 and NIS 3.30, the price of fuel in Israel is expected to decline on September 1 to around NIS 5 and a few tens of agorot per liter, approximately one shekel less than its current price. As of today, the two tax reduction orders signed by Lieberman - each in the half shekel - are expected to expire at the end of this mon

How to pay for public transit in Israel in 2022

The Ministry of Transportation in Israel has been making some incredible advancements in the past few years. Firstly, they have introduced the Rav Kav in 2007 to unify a payment system among several different public transit companies throughout the country. This has made it easier to pay for a bus without using any cash. It is a smart-card that uses NFC and is the size of your standard credit card, so it can fit nicely in your wallet.  Since then, there has been a push to exclusively use cash-free payment options for transit. Only recently, it has been decided that bus drivers in Jerusalem (intra-city) will not be responsible for taking payments upfront or loading Rav Kavs. In its place, there are payment terminals on the bus further away from the driver.  Notably, you can acquire a new Rav Kav via the All-Kav offices closest to you. In addition, you can load and buy anonymous cards via many vendors and stores such as cofix. An anonymous card isn't tied to any individual and can be