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How to find and buy books (written in English) in Israel

 As an oleh chadash (New Immigrant) from North America, I like to get my fix of English books. Due to the amount of books I read, I decided to look for a reasonable price for some of the non-fiction books that I read.  Surprisingly, many book store chains such as צומת ספרים or סטימצקי actually have 1 or two shelves with english books. I have seen Game Of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and even Startup Nation. Unfortunately, it seems like they carry only the extremely popular fiction books, they do have a decent amount of children's books and teen literature as well... But it isn't my cup of tea...and the prices seem to be more expensive than in other countries... If you like to get the newspaper, they also have the international version of the New York Times, Jerusalem Post (english) and several other newspapers/magazines.  If you don't mind used books , there are some cities with the ESRA organization and they have used book stores in Modiin and Raanana (in addition to some o