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Clif Bar and other Clif Products that are kosher and ship to israel

Deal ended -  Please see our  updated post   with new items shipping free Hu Chen on Unsplash It is quite difficult to find kosher products on amazon. It is even more difficult to find kosher food on amazon that ships to Israel free (on eligible orders over $49) I made two other posts that are also about kosher food in israel Quest Bars Kosher Food Thread I was able to find you guys some cool items. Within a sea of products, we were able to conjure some that actually ship free to Israel! It was well worth the effort in our opinions... You can get cliff bars locally but the selection is limited and the price is quite high.  Clif Shot - Energy Gel (24 - 1.2 Oz Packets) . It is under the OU (Parve)  Flavors that ship to israel: Chocolate Cherry, Double Expresso, Mocha, Razz and Strawberry Clif Shot - Energy Gel 8 Flavor Variety Pack . Also under OU (Parve),   Clif Mojo Crunch Clusters Variety Pack . Under OU-D. Honey Srirocka, Finger Pickin BBQ, and Electric Almond Sea