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Amazon Coupons, Lightning Deals, and other useful links

Artem Beliaikin You may have heard about lightning deals, but you may have also noticed that on the Amazon Israel site, it doesn't show up on the homepage.  אולי שלעתם על אמזון בארץ, אבל בדף הבית לא רואים את כל העסקאות בזק, מצאנו פתרון לזה.  תפתחו את הקישור כדאי לראות את זה.  Lightning Deals עסקאות בזק-  Luckily, here is a link that still lets you access these deals - Lightning Deals . These are usually deals that last up to 24 hours. They also have a limited supply, meaning if they sell out, it is gone (for that price). You still may be able to join the waitlist and hope someone doesn't buy the item.  Coupons קופונים-  In addition to Lightning Deals, Amazon also has coupons that you can clip (to save additional money). Occasionally, you may only be able to use a single coupon for the whole order.  Do not confuse these with promotional codes.  Promotional codes are alphanumeric (for the most part), and allow you to add them at checkout. On the other hand,