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Simple ways to save money and get discounted movie tickets in Israel!

  We love to help people save money and find deals... With the upcoming movie releases, now is a good time to share some tips specific for movie theaters! Normally regular 2D movie tickets cost around 40 Shekels. The foreign exchanges always change, but as of today, it's around $12.5 USD. Not necessarily cheap, considering you can get a good shawarma for that price... Back in the Midwest united states, we got $5 movie tickets frequently.  חיילים ושוטרים - Soldiers and Police Officers During שירות חובה or Mandatory service, you can get discounts at many stores and restaurants, but you can also get cheaper tickets at many movie chains by showing your military ID (חוגר) too! Yes Planet has a very cool deal. You can either book online or in person and get discounted tickets, not just for the soldier, but for his/her companion as well! Online, you would enter your Personal Number - מספר אישי under both tickets. You will need to go to the box office and show them the ID to pick up the t