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Blood donations in Israel - How the blood insurance system works

  This could help you save some money too, in addition to doing a huge deed. If you donate blood via מגן דויד אדום,   (Magen David Adom – similar to American red cross in the US), you are eligible to receive ביטוח דם (Blood Insurance) for a year from when the date that insurance starts (usually 2 months after donating). -           This also applies to you and your partner, your children (up to age 18), siblings -             if the donor is single, the insurance goes to that individual’s parents In the case of an emergency, and you or a family member needs a blood transfusion or some operation at any hospital in Israel it will allow reception of any amount of blood without having to find your own donor (from their website) You need to give your donor card, ID card and info on the family member that needs blood and a confirmation from the hospital saying that the patient needs a blood “donation”/transfusion. More info here (in Hebrew):