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Why is my order getting consolidated? Will I need to pay VAT on it? Your questions are answered here!

I've been meaning to post this for a while... Recently (at least several months ago)... if you ordered multiple items in different orders (on the same account)... they may have been consolidated to save the company on shipping... this has the negative effect of potentially being caught up in the tax authority...  There are a few ways to avoid this: First of all, ask a spouse or family member to order on their behalf (from their own account), This way the order should be handled separately. Second, try to pace out your orders. The recommendation is at least 3 days between them, but if you track your packages, as soon as the first one starts getting fulfilled and shipped... the next one should be fine.   Alternatively, If you want to order something of greater value, then you can order via the Import Deposit Fee . This is a great alternative, and works for Amazon!  The tax authority also has a policy that if multiple orders come separately but in the window of 72 hours within each ot