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Amazon Shop with Points Promos $10 (Credit Card Required) - YMMV

If you have signed up for an American credit card form one of the following brands: American Express, Chase, Capital One, or Discover... you may be eligible to receive some bonuses (points/rewards/gift card credit) towards a future purchase just by adding it as a payment method... This is exclusive to Amazon's US site. But you can use the credit when shipping internationally too! Just note that your mileage may vary (meaning that you may not be eligible)  Here are the links (for Amazon US Only): American Express Chase Capital One Discover The directions will show up if you are eligible and you just have to follow through, it's that easy! And come join our deals group (Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, Signal, Facebook Group) for free

Eid al-Fitr 2021 iHerb coupon for the Middle East and Israel - 20% off your order...

Edit: new 20% off coupon that works for mobile app users only -   Expires on the 31st of may.  You can add items to cart from desktop but must complete the purchase from your phone.  There is another coupon which also works for desktops and laptops too! (below)  יש קופון שעובד באפליקציה של 20% הנחה. פג תוקף ב31 ל מאיץ אפשר להוסיף דברים לעגלה אבל חייבים לבצע את ההזמנה מהטלפון.   יש עדיין עוד קופון למטה שעובד באתר!    No matter what religion you belong to, you can get a new iHerb coupon which gives you 20% off your order when you spend $75 or more. Just note that this is the subtotal, so you won't have to worry about VAT at this stage.  The coupon will take off the 20% and your order total (not including shipping) should be under $75.  This is the coupon code for you to use: And the code will apply at checkout.  Additional d