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Free Video Games - Pacman , Uncharted, Journey, & More (for PS4 and other consoles)

Deal ended Play At Home For Free We found this amazing deal where you can get PS4 games for free through Sony's website (these are downloadable and not actual disks). Pacman is available for multiple platforms as well! This is free till May 5th 2020, no subscription is required  משחקים בחינם עד 5ב מאי מחנות הPlaystation לPS4. יש גם Pacman לXbox ומחשב.  Playstation 4 Games: Uncharted (The Nathan Drake Collection) - Playstation Store Journey - Playstation Store Bonus Games that are also free:  PacMan Championship Edition 2 -  Playstation Store ,  Steam ,  Microsoft Store For the King - Epic Games Additional Deals:  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate dropped to $1 a month from $14.99.  Get it here Enjoy the games, and let us know if you find any more deals ! 

Amazon Local Deals with a huge discount - and free shipping (on many items)

Deal is no longer active Just in, you can now get 10% off your order , with locally sourced items. The sellers are all in Israel. Use this code: ALD10 at checkout.  There are hundreds of different products to chose from. If you buy electronics, then you don't have to worry about it not being 220 volts.  Let us know if you find any deals or products worth sharing!  Note that you get a max of $20 off the order, which is unfortunate, but still good for small items and games, for example.  Here are the promotion details.  עכשיו, יש לאמזון מבצע על מוצרים שנשלחים מקומי (בארץ). יש הנחה של 10% על כל ההזמנה שלך. החיסרון שתקבלו עד הנחה $20 מקסימאלית. צריכים להשתמש בקוד -  ALD10 , אפשר להכניס את השובר בשלב לפני שמשלמים פרטים נוספים על המבצע בקישור פה

How to return packages through DHL to Amazon - Guide הסבר על איך מחזירים פרטים לאמזון דרך DHL

Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum In this article, we go through how to return your package to amazon via DHL. The guide is in Hebrew but quite useful.   הסבר על איך מחזירים פרטים לאמזון דרך DHL. We just wish we got this earlier...  We highly recommend speaking to a customer support agent and explain the issue with the item you want to return. Then they will make the decision on if you need to return it and the cost (not always free) of return depending on if the item is faulty or not.  They can also assist you and answer any questions about how to return an item!  You can read up on International Returns here . Make sure to remove any other shipping labels on your envelope or package as that can make the return a challenge... if you cannot remove it, cover it up or sharpie it over.  Often times, you will be refunded when the return arrives at the destination and is checked! If you need assistance with the return, DHL Israel has customer service that is also helpful DHL Picku