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Family Board and Card Games - Where to get english versions to Israel

Tim Foster from Unsplash Great for Hanukah and all year round. Over the weekend, it is always nice to sit down and enjoy some family time, board games aren't always boring. Unfortunately as immigrants to a foreign country, the same games are available but in the national language (here it's hebrew), so it becomes challenging to comprehend how to play a game like Catan when you can barely read the rules. There are several solutions, one being to print out the english guidebook and copy off of that... Another one is to have a local person teach you the ropes, or to struggle through it yourself... All in all, we have decided on multiple occasions to import it from the United States in English, it became much easier that way.  How do you play board games in Israel (or a foreign country)?  Here are some very popular and among our favorite games you can buy with english!  Board Games Monopoly - Operation -   Simon

Medicine Thread - What's permitted to import to Israel

As you may know, the customs authority controls all imported products and items into Israel. Even if you would personally send your friend some Advil or another over the counter medication, there is a good chance that it will fall into the hands of a customs agent.  With that being said, you are permitted to bring certain drugs and not others. Please read up on the articles below and familiarize yourself with the Ministry of Health's Guidelines.  Rules on what can be imported:!/byDrug Some amazon samples. for Advil 200 Liquid-Gel Pills For Advil 200 Packets for Gold Bond Baby Powder Eye Drops

OXO and Other Brand Kitchen Small Appliances and Gadgets

We love these products, they are known for great quality gadgets that are fun!  In addition, they tend to be reasonably priced as well. Here are some of their products that we recommend.  I'm surprised they haven't made their way to  the Israeli market yet... So for now, we always can import them.  OXO and Other Brand Kitchen Small Appliances and Gadgets Egg Rack Dish Brush Omlet Flipper Silicon Scoop Veggie Peeler measuring cup Egg Slicer OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer with StrongHold Suction

Everything but the bagel seasoning - where to get in Israel

Edit: Please see our   updated post   with new items shipping free Everything but the bagel seasoning from amazon. It's from trader Joe's and kosher. Great for challah or anything else! This miracle spice mix has saved our family time and made baking bread and cooking way more enjoyable. You can get this now in trader joes, costco, gfc,  among many places in the united states.  Israel caught on to the trend a bit later, but if you go to the shuk or a spice store, you can ask them to do a special blend on the spot. They also pop up occasionally at some local grocery store chains, so that's good to know!