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Tips for getting an appointment at the Israel Ministry of Interior for renewing passports and other services

These planes are cool, but won't take you far ;)  We get asked this a lot, how can I renew your Israeli passport and where? In this article, I will answer that question in addition to giving you some useful tips to book slots and save money! Come join   our deals group  to never miss out on upcoming sales אתם מוזמנים להצטרף ל קבוצת דילים  שלנו It's cheaper if you pay ahead of time in the winter than in the summer... I was able to pay in February for a slot, and showed them the confirmation at my appointment in April for the lower rate ! Soldiers, National Service Volunteers, and active reserve duty civilians can get a 50% discount on the cost to renew or get a new passport. If you come in to the office on uniform, they will bring you to the front of the line... but you cannot take your passport photo with your fatigues on, so make sure to bring a backup shirt ;)  Officially, the cutoff date for the prices are paying up to the end of February...and getting a slot before the end