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How to save money as a tourist or oleh (immigrant) in Israel

I wrote this guide because I get asked about these questions all the time.  Unfortunately, Israel like many places have lots of grifters and scammers... Please use this as a guide to enjoy your vacation, save money, and not leave on a bad note. Convert your money to shekels before spending cash at the Shuk or for a Cab, many of these vendors do not take credit card. Also note that most standard cards are accepted but often US AMEX cards are not due to the fees the merchant has to pay.  What to bring מה להביא Traveling to Israel for a short or long haul, here is what you should bring or buy before you arrive!  Unlocked Smartphone (more on phone plans further down in the article) Cheaper and if you buy via a US credit card, often times you get purchase protection. Make sure it supports GSMA and the carrier that you want to use in Israel for 4G, 5G, etc.  Laptop and other electronics First, make sure it supports  220V . Most laptops do support it. Other electronics may or may not. Either