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Prime Day 2021 - How to sign up for a free trial

Prime Day is not yet over, and you can still get a free trial. They normally reset every 12 months, meaning you can get another free trial in a year from now (at the next prime day).  Make sure to sign up for a free trial. Also note that while you can use the same account across amazon US, UK, and their other sites... You'll need to sign up for prime in each location.  UK - US - Sign up for our group alerts here - יום פריים של אמזון מתחיל מחר, תוודאו שיש לכם מיוני פריים - זה חינמי לחודש אחד אפשר להשתמש באותו חשבון בכמה מקומות, אבל צריך להירשם לפריים בכל אתר שאת\ה מתכוון\ת להשתשמש בו.  בריטניה - ארה"ב - תצטרפו לקבוצה שלנו -

iHerb New Coupon - Summer 2021 קופון חדש לאייהרב - אביב 2021

Update 2: Yet another 20% code is available - עדכון נוסף, יש קוד יותר חדש ל 20% Edit: We have a new code for 20% off your order - עדכון, מצאנו קוד נוסף ל 20% הנחה בכל האתר  iHerb has a new coupon for this summer, 15% off orders of $70 or more The code is  SUMMER15 Alternatively, some older post and some of those coupons still work!  Coupon Code: Gives you 10% off the whole site. Works for purchases of $60 or more. יש לאייהרב, קופונים חדשים לקראת האביב, 15% הנחה על הזמנות מעל 70 דולר.  קוד קופון -    SUMMER15 בנוסף יש קוד ישן שעדיין עובד!   קוד קופון: מעניק 10% הנחה על קניה ב 60$ ומעלה 

Comparing the new MacBook M1 Models - A Choice Paradox

  I am helping an elderly person buy a new computer… She can’t decide between the upgraded air (512GB SSD) or the cheapest Macbook Pro (256GB SSD). This sale seems quite good, but because the M1 chip blurred the lines… these computers are almost more similar than different The pro has a touchbar, fan, slightly better display, and better battery. The downside is that it weighs more than the Air. But they share the same ports and pretty much the rest is the same between the two models (besides a slight price difference). Apple used to be good with dealing with the paradox of choice… I mean, we are comparing apples to apples at the end of the day. In my opinion, they should have made the base MacBook Pro model with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD and maybe add some more ports. Maybe by the time M2 comes out, there will be more differences… I did find a deal on the new MacBook Pro 2020 from amazon  as well as the MacBook Air 2020

iHerb special 25% discount - secret code קוד סודי להנחה של 25%

Edit: no longer active  We have found a "secret" iHerb code with 25% off your entire order!!! Without knowing too many details about the promotion, we recommend using the coupon as soon as possible before it expires. I do not think I've seen a greater deal on the site.   While you are at it, come join us on  our social media channels  for deals and more! And have a look at our  previous iHerb deals post . מצאנו קוד iHerb "סודי" עם 25% הנחה על כל ההזמנה שלך!!! מבלי לדעת פרטים רבים מדי על המבצע, אנו ממליצים להשתמש בקופון בהקדם האפשרי לפני שיפוג תוקפו. אני לא חושב שראיתי עסקה גדולה יותר באתר.  וגם להצטרף לקבוצת דילים שלנו -

Prime Day Announced for 2021

Photo Credit: Avi Parshan  It's official! Amazon announced their date for Prime Day 2021. If you aren't familiar with what Prime Day is, it's an amazon holiday sales event which some people refer to as a garage sale, jokingly. That is because the company tends to sell kindles and other products they own such as the echo devices or ring doorbells. With that being said, there are plenty of 3rd party sellers that join in on the sales... and it's always a surprise to see what is available. You need a prime account for the US, UK, or whatever country you want to shop from (and where amazon has an entity). You can sign up for free trials below (30 days), I'd advise signing up a day or two prior to the big event.  US  Prime Trial UK   Prime Trial So with that being said, the days are set to June 21st and 22nd, 2021!  They even have some early deals such as this one, buy a $40 gift card and get $10 credit  Click on the photo to be redirected to their site.  Lastly, Amazon m