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Surprise package? What would you have done in this case?

This ןsraeli journalist found an unexpected item in his Amazon Package. ILTV reports on this interesitng story, where this person ordered a tablet for his daughters, and instead was sent soemthing else entirely. What would you have done in this case? , העיתונאי הזמין משהו מאמאזון, אבל קיבל משהו חבילה אמרת לגמרי משהו בלתי צפוי  If the sound is muted, hit the speaker button to turn it on. Apparently in 2017, a similar thing happened in the US, where an orlando family found 65 pounds of marijuana in their order - כמעט אותו דבר קרה ב2017, זוג מפלורידה קיבלו 29 קילוגרם של סמים בטעות אחרי שהם הזמינו חבילה מאמאזון.