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How to get free webhosting and compute time

Have a developer project and want to try to host it or run it for free? There are some great solutions for small side-projects!  Python web-server generated by dalle How does this fall into the topic and subject matter of this blog, you may ask... Well, this is a way to save money and run or improve your business at the same time!  Some programming required:   Github & Gitlab Pages - Both platforms are git-based and provide a solution for static webpage hosting free of charge Cloudflare Pages - Newer product for hosting front-end sites but also has advanced functions and workers Github Actions - You can run actions (or event based code) for free as well...  Gitlab CI/CD - Run deployment tasks on schedule Netlify - Can be combined with github or gitlab for example, will run your code and also offer some dynamic functionality  Vercel - Similar platform to Netlify - hosting various web projects PythonAnywhere - Can run python code and python-hosted backends for websites... The free pl

Get $15 credit for purchases over $30 with Prime when you upload a picture to Amazon Photos!

 This deal is amazing! Get $15 credit for purchases over $30 with Prime when you upload a picture to Amazon Photos! This does have some limitations, such as it expires on October 31st, new users only, and not everyone is eligible Sign up to  Prime US Free Trial  if you haven't already done so...  and check your eligibility for the photos promotion here  (and terms of service) Also note that the credit only applies on products sold and fulfilled by Amazon (no 3rd Parties) - check out more info here

12 Shopping tips for IKEA in Israel and the world!

Want to go shopping at IKEA in Israel (or wherever in the world), here are some tips to save money and time.  1. The store is a maze and is designed to influence your spending habits and open your wallet... Plan ahead on your budget and what items you actually need before going in. In addition, give yourself a set amount of time to spend (2 or 3 hours). This will help you stay focused on the items you need without getting sidetracked. If you are offered or see the blue ikea map ... make sure to take a photo of it as it will assist in your journey.  2. Find the shortcuts, ask an employee if you get lost. If you want to skip through the maze, there are designated shortcuts (with signs), so you don't need to walk through nearly as many showrooms. 3. Return policy and warranty: keep your receipt and the box for the item around. If you need to return or exchange the item, having the box and spare parts around will surely help the process... and you will need the receipt to actually get

How does the aliexpress return policy work?

How does the aliexpress return policy work? You first need to file a dispute (My Orders -> then click on the item that you want to chose -> click Open Dispute). Next, you can chose to request a certain dollar value for the return, you can even request a full return. In addition, you can chose whether to keep the item or return it.  The seller has a few days to either decline, make a counter offer, or accept your proposition.  If the seller declines or makes a counter offer, Aliexpress steps in and based on evidence decides who to side with.  I have had several cases where the seller wouldn't budge on a partial refund but thankfully aliexpress sided with me and granted the request! This is why it's best to gather "evidence" such as product images, screenshots, photos and videos of the item that is faulty... and make sure to upload it when you file the dispute and it also gives you a text box where you can verbally describe the issue.  Next time you place an order

Where to buy and sell second hand items in Israel

Have a second hand item that you want to sell? Or looking to buy second hand items at a discount?  Here are the most popular destinations for buying and selling online! Note that you may get solicited by spam calls, messages and scams, so please be safe and aware.  Many of these sites have ads and/or ways to pay to boost listings.  Agora  - Give away for free and also get free second hand items!   (Second Hand) is a big Israeli website that is great for buying and selling items in various categories, from computers to cars and even find apartment rentals! (most of content is in hebrew)  - another site for buying and selling items, smaller than Yad2 and most of content is in hebrew. Facebook Marketplace - Also join a Buy/Sell group for your general area so you can cross promote your product The Jerusalem Marketplace - English speaking site for buying and selling items... much smaller market so less competition Local city list-serve: many anglo communities in Isr