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מדריך על איך מוצאים את ה מיקוד שלכם How to find your full Israel ZIP/Postal code in Israel

In this article, I will show you how to find your full Israeli ZIP/Postal code in order to buy items on amazon  (and have them delivered to your doorstep). Note that some sites will not ship to PO Boxes in Israel.  כדי להזמין משהו מאמזון עד לבית, נדרש לשים מיקוד מלא. לכן כתבתי את זה לעזור לך למצוא אותו.  שימו לב כי חלק מהאתרים לא ישלחו ל תה דואר.  Reasoning: It was hard for me to finish an order on Amazon, due to not having the full zip code (7 digits) of my house/apartment. In order to help others, I decided to put this blog post together. If you find it useful, consider sharing it with others as well. Note that the partial ZIP code is considered invalid. I would recommend reading further to see how to actually find your ZIP code.  How to Find it (First method):  There are two great ways to find your ZIP code. Assuming that you are an Israeli citizen/resident, you have a Teudat Zehut תעודת זהות (ID Card). In the ספח, or blue paper it has some details about your address as wel

Is it worth buying Body Wash from Amazon instead of locally?

Steve Johnson I always had this question, because I prefer using body wash to a bar of soap.  Unfortunately, Osher Ad doesn't let you check prices online. Rami Levi is the next best place. I think Sufershal is a bit overpriced, even though they also have an online portal.  It wouldn't be fair to compare an Israeli label to an American brand. So let's stick with Axe Apollo Body Wash for example.  At Rami Levi, it is 9.8 shekel for 400 ml. The current exchange rate would have the price be $2.83 for 13.5 fluid ounces. The prices always change on amazon, but let's say you get 2.5 more fluid ounces and pay less in the states.  It seems oddly similar to Dollar Stores in the US. They sell a product with less volume for $1. If you do the math, it is cheaper at a superstore or online even. In any case, I would recommend buying in bulk. You are going to use it anyways, and you get a better price vs purchasing an individual unit.  It seems like the quantity in I

Electra Market is having a deal for Bank Hapoalim Card Holders on Amazon - 30% off

Edit: No longer active Scott Webb Electra Market is having a deal for Bank Hapoalim Card owners on amazon - up to 30% off. You can get the code form Bank Hapoalim's website . Then go to this page on amazon to see all the deals. It seems like you can get a kit of home supplies for a set price. Everything has free shipping. My guess is that a local courier service will do the delivery.  Deal Sampler below (pause ad-block if you can't see it)

Kosher Cookbook Collection - That ships to Israel!

Katie Smith Here is a collection of Kosher Cookbooks that ship to Israel through Amazon! While food is difficult to import, a cook book is far easier and helps you out even more... It's like giving a man a roll of bread to eat vs teaching him how to bake bread so he can eat for the rest of his life rather than a single day. Whether you like gefilte fish, potato kugel, stuffed cabbage, or any traditional Ashkenazi dish, you will find your answer below... Even if you aren't religious or Jewish, I'm sure you will have some enjoyment from these comfort food dishes.  The Book of New Israeli Food: A Culinary Journey: A Cookbook   Kosher by Design: Picture Perfect Food for the Holidays & Every Day Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen I Heart Kosher: Beautiful Recipes from My Kitchen The Simply Kosher Cookbook: 100+ Recipes for Quick Weeknight Meals and Easy Holiday Favorites

Surprise package? What would you have done in this case?

This ןsraeli journalist found an unexpected item in his Amazon Package. ILTV reports on this interesitng story, where this person ordered a tablet for his daughters, and instead was sent soemthing else entirely. What would you have done in this case? , העיתונאי הזמין משהו מאמאזון, אבל קיבל משהו חבילה אמרת לגמרי משהו בלתי צפוי  If the sound is muted, hit the speaker button to turn it on. Apparently in 2017, a similar thing happened in the US, where an orlando family found 65 pounds of marijuana in their order - כמעט אותו דבר קרה ב2017, זוג מפלורידה קיבלו 29 קילוגרם של סמים בטעות אחרי שהם הזמינו חבילה מאמאזון.