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iHerb Coupons Galore - and free shipping

iHerb now has free shipping on orders from $40 and up when you use BOXIT to deliver instead of DHL. I believe it isn't door-to-door delivery but rather setting a drop-off location close to your home and then picking it up when it's available. Other coupons:  You can combine the deal with the code VALUE60 to get an extra %10 off your order above $60. Try to stay below $75 to avoid paying VAT.  In addition, we found that this code:  IOVATESAVE20    gets you 20% off of sports supplements.  Lastly, you can also use this code  KCH375   , and get a bonus 10% off (for new customers) or 5% off for existing customers. This one can be combined with the other coupons (and it's built into the link). 

How to lower your shipping cost - איך להוריד את דמי משלוח באמזון

Edit: get free shipping here Daniel Eledut We have great news to share with you. One of our amazing group members figured out this trick in this post: If you aren't a member of the group, we highly recommend joining to get notified of the very best deals and news regarding Amazon in Israel.  For clarification, this only appears to be working with items that are shipped by and sold from Amazon or a 3rd party using Amazon's Warehouses (FBA).  In order to verify that a product is FBA, you'll have to go into the product page and look for this:  You'll only be charged for the order once it ships, leaving you ample time to follow the method. Finally, you need to place your order and only after this option will become available. If you have any questions or information regarding this post,feel free to let us know!  Place the order, then choose  "rev