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Nine of our favorite Lego Sets that ship to Israel free תשע מערכות הלגו האהובות עלינו ששולחות לישראל בחינם

  Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash Edit: added more!  - September 10th Who doesn't love and remember Lego and Duplos fondly as a child! Unfortunately, these items seem to be both more expensive and there are less options of sets in Israel in comparison to the united states. With that in mind, some of our group members requested us to compile a "thread" or list of these childhood toys that ship to Israel free (on eligible orders over $49).  As with all deals and products, prices and availability are subject to change.  Note that these are a choking hazard for young kids due to the size of the pieces, so please be careful.  Lastly, if your cart reaches over $75 (not including cost of shipping), you will have to pay VAT (in this case it's called "Import Deposit Fees" , the article will explain more.  Here are some products and items that caught our eyes and are included in the free shipping promotion currently .  Dinosaur Fossils Building Kit Super Heroes Cr