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12 Shopping tips for IKEA in Israel and the world!

Want to go shopping at IKEA in Israel (or wherever in the world), here are some tips to save money and time.  1. The store is a maze and is designed to influence your spending habits and open your wallet... Plan ahead on your budget and what items you actually need before going in. In addition, give yourself a set amount of time to spend (2 or 3 hours). This will help you stay focused on the items you need without getting sidetracked. If you are offered or see the blue ikea map ... make sure to take a photo of it as it will assist in your journey.  2. Find the shortcuts, ask an employee if you get lost. If you want to skip through the maze, there are designated shortcuts (with signs), so you don't need to walk through nearly as many showrooms. 3. Return policy and warranty: keep your receipt and the box for the item around. If you need to return or exchange the item, having the box and spare parts around will surely help the process... and you will need the receipt to actually get