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IRS hotline for calling from outside of the US, with record fast answering time

For US citizens who need to speak to the IRS and are residing outside of the united states... they have a phone line and the wait time is really short, record short in comparison to the regular hotline and many customer service lines in Europe)... The customer service representatives are very nice and helpful as well! Tips for calling:  Prior to your call: Make sure to remember your social security number because they will ask for it to verify who you are as well as birthdate, and address.  I would advise calling from the comfort of your own home or at least preferably not in a public place as this is a confidential manner and you need to tell them your social security number and don't want anyone to overhear.  I called multiple times via google voice and it works perfectly (over VOIP). If you have a phone plan that allows for calling the US you can use that as well...  Best not to use the phone on speaker but rather with a headset or call the old fashioned way (phone next to your

Want to bank in english in Israel? We found which banks have interfaces in English!

For years, Israeli Banks have had their apps, websites, and customer service in Hebrew. As an anglo living in Israel,  I have gotten used to banking in Hebrew. With that being said, there is a big convenience factor to be able to check your bank and perform actions in your native language. In addition, there are plenty of expats in Israel who do not have fluent hebrew. That is why this post is helpful!  Bank Leumi App Recently, they announced that their app is going to be available in English (as well as Hebrew). This should be added to the existing app via a software update ( iOS , Android ) To switch languages:  Go to Settings הגדרות (bottom left of the screen) >> select Language שפה >> select English >> Choose Switch to English in the pop-up message >> The app will log out >> when you log back in the app will be presented in English Currently, the statement that Leumi is the only Israel Banking app with an english interface is true. We are waiting for t

Marvel Pull Quote for July 4th, 2023 (+500 Marvel Insider Points)

Every week, marvel has a podcasts with a hidden quote or code to get you more points! You need to be in the US (or use a vpn to the US) to use it. If you do not already have an account, you can  join here .   then simply go to the Activities tab and click this: Or via this link  Marvel Insider | Marvel   Then click "Time to do a gnomectomy" to get your points! (This is valid for the July 4th Pull Quote, and you can enter it till 7/11 for the points)  Come join   our deals group  to never miss out on upcoming sales אתם מוזמנים להצטרף ל קבוצת דילים  שלנו