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Should you buy Laptop from the US (and ship it to Israel)? קנייה של מחשב נייד מארה"ב, שווה?

Click the image for the full view! עברית למטה Should you buy Laptop from the US (and ship it to Israel)? Why is it worth it? 💻 Most of the time, the price is cheaper than buying in Israel, sometimes even more than 10%  💻 In addition, the dollar is weaker than the shekel now... so if you pay from your Israeli bank, debit, or credit card... your money will go further! (Edit: the exchange rate has since changed) 💻 There is a much bigger selection of computers and options for upgrades and configurations (RAM, CPU, SSD, GPU, for example) 💻 A lmost all PCs, from North America, come with a Windows license (But in Israel, many cheaper options do not include this). 💻 There are many brands that have international warranties that work in Israel. It's always worth confirming first (if possible).  💻 They have an amazing warranty and customer service! For anyone looking for a laptop.. don't forget there is a free shipping option (US Only)! Take a peek here: