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7 Tips (and 3 bonus ones) for buying and shopping online in Israel

Each month or so, I will try to be adding more tips and tricks, so be sure to leave questions and future ideas for me to add!  1)  VAT is 17% Tax which is counted on the order cost ($75 and up) and shipping  - more details here . Currently, if your order is below $75 in USD, you will be exempt. In addition, try to set the payment method in Dollars to avoid any surprises (because the exchange rate might change by the time that customs checks your package).    2) Radio-enabled devices are under strict regulations via the Ministry of Communications. While it is possible to import these products, it's advised against doing so - due to beurocracy and some potential fees and added delay. This also applies to Routers, Modems, and Access Points 3) Eilat is a VAT-Free haven , there are many tech stores and shops here, but be sure to check with them that the item you want is in stock, and see if they can reserve a unit for you.  4) In Israel, and most of Europe, the standard voltage is 220V