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Is it worth buying Body Wash from Amazon instead of locally?

Steve Johnson I always had this question, because I prefer using body wash to a bar of soap.  Unfortunately, Osher Ad doesn't let you check prices online. Rami Levi is the next best place. I think Sufershal is a bit overpriced, even though they also have an online portal.  It wouldn't be fair to compare an Israeli label to an American brand. So let's stick with Axe Apollo Body Wash for example.  At Rami Levi, it is 9.8 shekel for 400 ml. The current exchange rate would have the price be $2.83 for 13.5 fluid ounces. The prices always change on amazon, but let's say you get 2.5 more fluid ounces and pay less in the states.  It seems oddly similar to Dollar Stores in the US. They sell a product with less volume for $1. If you do the math, it is cheaper at a superstore or online even. In any case, I would recommend buying in bulk. You are going to use it anyways, and you get a better price vs purchasing an individual unit.  It seems like the quantity in I

Electra Market is having a deal for Bank Hapoalim Card Holders on Amazon - 30% off

Edit: No longer active Scott Webb Electra Market is having a deal for Bank Hapoalim Card owners on amazon - up to 30% off. You can get the code form Bank Hapoalim's website . Then go to this page on amazon to see all the deals. It seems like you can get a kit of home supplies for a set price. Everything has free shipping. My guess is that a local courier service will do the delivery.  Deal Sampler below (pause ad-block if you can't see it)