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Want to download an app that isn't available in your region on iOS or Android, here is how to fix that!

How to change regions in the Google Play Store for Android This guide will come in handy for those of you moving to a different country, trying to redeem a Google Play Rewards Card from a different region, or downloading an app only available in a specific area. If you get a warning such as: This app is not available for any of your devices Create a new google account within Israel, then add it to your android phone. Now you can have one account for within Israel… and keep your existing account. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app Google Play. Tap Menu and then Account. Under “Country and profiles,” find your name and country. If you don’t have a payment method from the new country, follow the onscreen instructions to add a payment method. This creates a new Google Payments profile linked to the new country. The first payment method must be from the country you’re adding a profile for. Once you create th