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Many children's coloring books are on discount (and ship free to Israel)

  We found a huge collection of kids books in english (mostly coloring books with stickers) that ship free to Israel (on qualifying orders over $49)! All items in your cart need to say "Eligible for free shipping", and then once you reach the minimum amount of sixty five USD, your whole order will ship for free ;)  Here are the books we found:  My First Coloring Book Crayola Uni-Creatures Coloring Book Crayola Baby Shark Coloring Book with Stickers Crayola My Little Pony Coloring Book with Stickers Crayola Blues Clues Coloring Book with Stickers Crayola Peppa Pig Coloring Book with Stickers Where the Wild Things Are מצאנו ספרים לילדים באנגלית בהנחה גדולה!  הם גם זכאים למשלוח חינם בהזמנה מעל 49 דולר, יש לוודא שכל הדברים בעלה גם זכאים לזה.  While you are at it, come join us on  our deals group  for deals and more! אתם מוזמנים להצטרף ל קבוצת דילים   שלנו

New solution for finding add-on and cart topper items to fill your cart!

Ever have your cart get a dollar or two below the minimum in order to qualify for free shipping?  We have a new solution for those that want to find cart-toppers/add-on items! Right here For example, it found some inexpensive paint  among hundreds of other products.  This has both the free shipping filter (to Israel or other destinations) built in, as well as the dollar item sorting! Enjoy, share, and let us know what you buy! In addition, we have an older post with a collection of budget items here While you are at it, come join us on  our deals group  for deals and more! האם העגלה שלך אי פעם דולר או שניים מתחת למינימום על מנת להעפיל למשלוח חינם?  יש לנו פתרון חדש עבור אלה שרוצים למצוא מצורים במחירים קטנים.  ממש כאן. לדוגמה, הוא מצא כמה צבע זול בין מאות מוצרים אחרים.  יש כאן גם את מסנן המשלוח החינמי (לישראל או ליעדים אחרים) מובנה, כמו גם את מיון הפריט הדולרי! תיהנו, שתפו ותודיעו לנו מה אתם קונים! בנוסף, יש לנו פוסט ישן יותר עם אוסף של פריטים זולים אתם מוזמנים להצטרף ל קבוצת דילים   של

Free 12 Months of Disney+ Just by signing up and watching a session from Salesforce Dreamforce Conference!

Update:  Check your email (if you signed up for Dreamforce to get the Disney Plus subscription) Subject- That’s it for Dreamforce, and only the start of Dreamforce on demand [email protected] This form expires October 3rd, then salesforce should send the actual code on the 5th... this is mainly to verify details about you and your "company"... When emailing Disney plus, please use a VPN to the us or Canada or have someone you know there do it... (or else you may not be able to qualify) And the actual redemption code will expire at the end of October , so make sure to redeem it before then.  Get Free 12 Months of Disney+ Just by signing up and watching a session from Salesforce Dreamforce Conference! We have a popular post here   and we decided to compile the comments into it's own blog post to help more people. There are a few requirements worth mentioning  Must be 18 or older  You must be in the US or Canada (VPN should solve this issue) You must create and

Free $5 credit for watching a TV Show Trailer - now expired

 Edit: Sold out - for next time make sure to get our deal alerts to not miss out  You can now get a free $5 promotional credit for the Moments Shop  just by watching one of the trailers from this post . This promotion expires by the end of today, so move quick and spread the word! You'll get an e-mail confirmation once you successfully receive the $5. And then it's yours to use.    The moments store appears to have a large selection of hand-picked items that you can put the gift card credit to! (But it's only valid on items that amazon ships and sells themselves.  Also let us know if it worked for you here . and that way, you can catch all our new deals. 

My latest package was delivered, here's what I went through to get free shipping to Israel in 2021

My latest package was delivered, here's what I went through to get free shipping to Israel in 2021.  Now in Times of Israel - First, you place the order... all the items need to say  free shipping  to Israel when you spend over $49. If one item isn't eligible or your total cost is less than $49, then you will not qualify for free shipping.  In rare cases, even if all items say they are eligible, we've encountered a bug where one isn't counted... if this happens to you, contact their customer support and/or you can do a systems of elimination by using the checkboxes (in the order page), and uncheck an item - then go to the checkout page and you'll see what you are supposed to pay... follow this with all the items in your cart till you locate the item that charges for shipping.  You can spend over $75, but then you will encounter Import Deposit Fees , so most people try to stay betwee

Kosher Food that ship to Israel free! Move fast אוכל כשר שנשלח לארץ בחינם!

Updated: October 29th with more food  Kosher and American food staples are hard to come by in Israel, luckily there are some specialized American and British grocers in Israel, which have some of our favorite foods from back home... But these also remind us of the amazing time we had in the united states... So, we found some food and vitamins items that ship to Israel for free, and don't expect this to last long before they sell out, so move quick on these ones! Most come from 3rd party sellers as well... Check back on this post  as we are always adding more!   אוכל שנשלח לארץ בחינם (בהזמנות מעל 49 דולר). יש להזדרז בגלל שאין הרבה במלאי.  יש לרענן את הדף פעם או פעמיים ביום בגלל שאנחנו מוסיפים דברים!  זה מזכיר לנו את הזמנים הטובים שלנו בחו"ל! רוב המוצרים נשלחים על ידו מוכרים צד שלישי ולא ישירות מאמזון. ליד הקישור, רשום את החברת כשרות בארה"ב ואם זה חלבי.  Many are limited supply so, let us know if they run out... We have them also in a Idea List format if it's easier fo