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Driver's License and Theory Test Resources for Israel

Here are some resources for studying to pass your theory test so you can start driver lessons in Israel as soon as possible! 

Open road and landscape

Types of licenses: 

  • 1 - Tractor
  • A - Motorcycle
  • A3 - Electric Bike
  • B - Private cars with passengers
  • C - Trucks (Heavier loads)
  • C1 - Trucks (up to 12 tons)
  • D - Vehicles for public use (i.e. Taxis)
Most of you will be Type B, which is a normal car. 

Unlike in North America, with a B type license you can drive automatic transmission only (by default). If you want to drive manual transmission it requires additional physical practice lessons and a tougher driving test. 

This article will not cover converting a license if you already have one, but rather is just for new drivers!

טופס ירוק Green Form:

Before the theory test, you need to fill out a טופס ירוק, or you can do it digitally here (in Hebrew). It involves a health questionnaire and afterwards approval from their doctor and an eye exam. For the eye exam, you can go to most retail optometrist/glasses stores such as Halpern or Opticana and ask them for the examination (it costs 50 NIS and they also include the drivers ID photo)

Only after the questionnaire is approved, you can do the eye exam (as the last stage). After that stage is approved, you can sign up for the theory test which is available in some major cities in Israel. 

Breakdown of Theory Exam:

In the theory test, you will be asked 30 multiple choice questions from a database of 1,800. Every question has 4 choices and only 1 correct answer. To pass, you need 26 correct answers, and the test is 40 minutes long. 

Some of the questions contain images depicting signs, cars on a road, etc.

You can take the theory exam in Hebrew, English, France, or Arabic. Many people have complained about the poor translation of questions in the English exam. Some even elect to take the Hebrew exam (as a 2nd language), due to the clarity and ease of understanding. 

Traffic laws

About 900 questions about traffic laws in the State of Israel.

Traffic signs

About 390 questions about road signs.

Knowing the vehicle

About 110 general questions about knowing the car, its parts, the various car systems and its maintenance.


About 400 questions about road safety for drivers, pedestrians, and road users.

These resources are free and can be used to learn and practice for your exam!

  • Learn to drive (non-profit), offers resources in Hebrew, English, among other languages 
  • Theory learning in hebrew (with more information about the exam)
  • The complete pool of questions and answers for the computerized driving theory test available in english and hebrew
    • On the bottom right hand of most questions will include the relevant license types for that respective question.
      • Example: 
        1043. What is the danger caused by fueling the vehicle while its engine is running?

These have ads, cost money, or upsells you on a course but are useful nonetheless

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