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Family Board and Card Games - Where to get english versions to Israel

Rolling the dice
Tim Foster from Unsplash

Great for Hanukah and all year round. Over the weekend, it is always nice to sit down and enjoy some family time, board games aren't always boring. Unfortunately as immigrants to a foreign country, the same games are available but in the national language (here it's hebrew), so it becomes challenging to comprehend how to play a game like Catan when you can barely read the rules. There are several solutions, one being to print out the english guidebook and copy off of that... Another one is to have a local person teach you the ropes, or to struggle through it yourself... All in all, we have decided on multiple occasions to import it from the United States in English, it became much easier that way. 

How do you play board games in Israel (or a foreign country)? 

Here are some very popular and among our favorite games you can buy with english! 

Board Games

Card Games


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