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How to find your full Israel ZIP/Postal code in Israel

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In this article, I will show you how to find your full Israeli ZIP/Postal code in order to buy items on amazon (and have them delivered to your doorstep)

כדי להזמין משהו מאמזון עד לבית, נדרש לשים מיקוד מלא. לכן כתבתי את זה לעזור לך למצוא אותו. 

Reasoning - 

It was hard for me to finish an order on Amazon, due to not having the full zip code (7 digits) of my house/apartment. In order to help others, I decided to put this blog post together. If you find it useful, consider sharing it with others as well. Note that the partial ZIP code is considered invalid. I would recommend reading further to see how to actually find your ZIP code.

How to Find it (First way) - 

There are two great ways to find your ZIP code. Assuming that you are an Israeli citizen/resident, you have a Teudat Zehut תעודת זהות (ID Card). In the ספח, or blue paper it has some details about your address as well as family members. This seems to be the easier option for non-Hebrew speakers.

Slightly below the מס' דירה  (Apartment Number), You will find the full zip code, it is seven digits in total (mine starts with 99). 

בתוך הספח, רשום את המיקוד המלא תחת מספר דירה. 

How to Find it (Second way) - 

If you don't have an ID or want to find someone else's ZIP code, this way will work for you. Bear in mind that the website will be in Hebrew. 

Here is the link
Below, we translated what each field needs to have as input 

או פותחים את האתר של דואר ישראל, ואפשר לחפש שם. 
הקישור פה 

The Israel Post Zip Code Finder Site
The Israel Post Zip Code Finder Site

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  1. Thanks Avi! Useful resource for finding my zipcode in israel!!


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